Timeless wedding stationery for the modern couple

We believe paper has the power to tell a story, even before guests arrive on your wedding day. Our aim is to deliver luxury wedding stationery that sets the tone and becomes a cherished heirloom for years to come.

wedding STATIONeRY

Your guests’ first impression
Imagine your wedding stationery as the prologue to your love story, setting the stage for a celebration that's uniquely yours. Its value goes beyond mere paper and ink — it's a reflection of your style, personality, and the ambiance you hope to create.
From the moment your guests receive their save the dates to the programs that welcome them at your ceremony, every piece of stationery is its own work of art.
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...and their last
Even after the celebration ends, your post-wedding thank you notes become tangible reminders of all the thoughtful details that made your day special.
As you choose your stationery, let it fully express the beauty of your union — a love letter that invites your family and friends into the magic of your world and leaves them (and you) with memories they’ll cherish for years to come.
For your guests, weddings begin and end with stationery.
A card with envelopeMenu card on plate with flowerA card with envelope behind it
Whether you prefer classic elegance, modern minimalism, or whimsical charm, our range of collections are designed to suit every mood.

semi-custom collections

The Journalist

Inspired by moody hues, heritage architecture, and minimalist accents, the Journalist is a sophisticated take on old world grandeur. This collection is ideal for the modern bride hoping to create a timeless yet refreshing look.
A stationery collection called The Journalist

The Classic

The Classic is timeless, polished, and tastefully pared-back. Embracing neutral palettes, simple silhouettes, and minimal details, this collection exudes beauty that is as delightful today as in years to come.
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A stationery collection called The Classic

The Poetic

Inspired by idyllic venues, billowing silhouettes, and whimsical serifs, the Poetic is effortlessly endearing. Much like a well-written poem, each detail is thoughtfully considered to stir the imaginations and hearts of your guests into fairy-tale romance.
View the poetic
A stationery collection called The Poetic

The Ethereal

The Ethereal encapsulates dreamlike drama using a muted colour palette juxtaposed with striking typefaces. This collection takes inspiration from draping fabrics, textured stonework, and delicate floral elements and is sure to enchant your guests.
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A stationery collection called The Ethereal

The Romantic

Defined by lush florals, warm hues, and delicate calligraphy, the Romantic offers a hypnotic sense of organic elegance without feeling overdone. Taking inspiration from the Renaissance era, this collection was designed to captivate the fine artist’s heart.
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A stationery collection called The Romantic

The Modernist

With its sleek typefaces, distinctive layout, and ample use of whitespace, the Modernist embraces the art of minimalism. This collection is chic, contemporary, and bold — and one that is sure to leave a memorable impression on your guests.
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A stationery collection called The Modernist

how it works


Explore the Lookbook

Explore our collection lookbook and shop the one that speaks to your ideal wedding style and ambiance.

Choose your Stationery

Decide which papers, colours, and print methods you’d like for your chosen collection.

Add a Bespoke Touch

Make your stationery personal with add-ons such as hand-drawn illustrations, wax seals, and silk ribbons.

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Stephanie Reimer
Steph Reimer is the owner and designer behind Cream & Clay Co. She began her design career officially in 2020, after transitioning from engineering to pursue her lifelong love for the arts. Holding varied experience in UX design, illustration, and product development, she aims to create beauty and connection in every step of the client experience — from design conception to final product.


If our work resonates with you, we’d be honoured to craft your unforgettable stationery together.